Lincolnshire Mega 2021

Some useful information

If you're going to the Lincolnshire Mega 2021 this year, we want to help you find all the SideTracked caches in Lincolnshire!

In the months and weeks leading up to the mega, the local cachers have been busy placing more SideTracked caches out for you to find and add to your stats!

You can view the official SideTracked caches in Lincolnshire bookmark list by visiting where you can download this list as a PQ or even view it as an online map.

Needless to say, we are expecting a few finders for various SideTracked caches during the week, so some statistics may take a little longer to balance out. Rest assured we'll be doing our best to ensure that every log counts!

Fancy a Lincoln themed SideTracked souvenir?

We have a limited stock of Lincoln St. Marks Station Totem Trackable Tags. Measuring 44.07mm x 10.36mm each; these trackable tags will fit into almost all micro caches and are trackable on - a perfect reminder of your visit to Lincolnshire! Buy yours today for just £5 (plus £3 P&P) from the SideTracked shop.