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About SideTracked
We have Motorway Mayhem. We have A-Road Anarchy (cos there aren’t many Motorways in Wales!). But what about public transport users? SideTracked Caches are intended to provide quick Cache-and-dashes at Train Stations.

SideTracked started at Evesham station on August 10th 2007, placed by schnarff & bikermel76. It took a while to get started, but is now spreading across the country!

It is hoped this idea will spread across the country in the same way as the MMs….but if hiding one PLEASE BE SENSIBLE and remember that in this day and age, public transport is under greater scrutiny than ever before, so, although these caches should be quick and easy grabs, PLEASE don’t place a Cache where it could cause alarm!!! (Particularly, please ensure that you aware of the new rules of 04/09/08 before hiding your Cache!)

Please also note the guidelines for holding SideTracked Events.

Hiding a SideTracked Cache
Why not place your own SideTracked Cache? It's easy, and a great introduction to hiding caches! All you need is a micro container (usually a 35mm film canister, but you can use other (and bigger!) things, as long as they're waterproof!) a log, a pencil, and a railway station!

Current rules mean you cannot hide your Cache ON railway land without providing proof of permission at the time of submitting the Cache for review. This may include not just stations, but railway car parks, crossings, bridges, culverts and railway line boundary fences. With current security issues it may be better anyway for you to hide the Cache outside the boundaries of the station, as cachers searching for your Cache may still appear suspicious to other staff and members of the public. More information

Tell us about your Cache
You MUST e-mail us to let us know when your Cache has been published, then we can ensure all the lists are updated quickly (including the Bookmark list)

Naming your Cache (UPDATED OCTOBER 2021)
When naming your Cache, please use the following convention; "SideTracked - Station Name" There are a few exceptions to this. For example at disused railway stations, heritage railway stations and miniature railways. More details below. Following this naming ensures that we can pick up your cache into our stats, and helps other users to search for SideTracked caches too. Caches which don't meet the guidelines below will unfortunately not be eligible to join the series bookmark lists which makes up everyone's stats.

- SideTracked is one word, no space, capital S and T
- Follow this with (space)-(space)
- Follow the hyphen with the name of the station
- Example naming convention: SideTracked - Metheringham (

SideTracked at former stations (i.e. now unused, heritage or funicular) are prefaced with REALLY,
e.g. REALLY SideTracked - Woodhall Junction. (

SideTracked at miniature railways (and Model Railways) are also more than welcome to join our series. These should be prefaced with MINI,
e.g. MINI SideTracked - Kirkby Green. (

If you are adopting an existing Cache into the series, then please just ensure SideTracked - Station Name appears at the beginning of the name, and let us know you have done this as our systems cannot pick up older renamed caches.

SideTracked Series page infromation (Put this at the top of your cache listing)

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SideTracked logo Right click on the image below and save to your computer. You can then upload this to your cache listing.